A Beautiful Place + Great Music = A Polytope

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Polytopes - La bande originale du réel (Unreleased)


The Soundtrack of Reality

The map

A polytope is a musicalized place, it’s where an exceptional location blends in with evocative music.
The app notifies you whenever you draw close to a polytope.
It invites you to visit a place, its history, and to discover and experience a musical composition on site.

Place and music

With the Polytopes app you can listen to music tracks that tell the story of places where great characters have lived but also render the atmosphere of aesthetically exceptional sites.

Music and feeling

It’s also a bridge between you and an incredible place… with music and feeling.
You’ll modify your perception of the world by discovering new sensations !
You will no longer see and listen to the world in the same way.

Here or somewhere else

Polytopes makes you live a unique and innovative experience by discovering the soundtrack of the place you’re at… whether you be close to home or traveling to a distant land !

Your cultural assistant

The mobile App Polyotpes is a very cool cultural assistant !

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